Scènes d'enfants op. 15 et Album pour la jeunesse op. 68 HN46 Schumann Henle
La combinaison de ces deux best-sellers de Schumann se conçoit aisément: d’une part, les titres respectifs évoquent le rapport étroit entre ces deux recueils. D’autre part, les exigences techniques et pianistiques y sont tout à fait raisonnables (voir liste concernant les degrés de difficulté). Enfin, les deux ouvrages réunissent des œuvres qui, dès leur parution en 1839 (resp.1848) vont, comme l’écrit Ernst Herttrich dans sa préface, «influencer de façon décisive la culture musicale bourgeoise de la deuxième moitié du XIXe siècle et n’ont guère perdu jusqu’à aujourd’hui de leur attractivité».
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Tempest, The (full score) LIMITED EDN 057153872X Adès Thomas Opera FABER

Thomas Adès’ The Tempest, one of the most striking and successful operas of recent years, is available for the first time as a beautifully produced, limited-edition full score. Featuring the stunning image ‘Octopus’ by artist Claire Burbridge, this unique cased edition includes colour plates of exclusive images from Ades’ original handwritten score and sketches. Each copy is signed and numbered by the composer.

Limited to 250 copies, with signed and numbered limitation page.
Cased, square back and sewn.
Endpapers feature original artwork ‘The Firmament’ by Claire Burbridge.
Case features original artwork ‘Octopus’ by Claire Burbridge, printed in neon Pantone 809, with scratch-proof matt
lamination and high gloss uv.
Black book-block edges, ribbon and head & tail bands.
From the turbulent orchestral prelude with which it begins to Ariel’s stratospheric yet ethereal ‘Five fathoms deep’ and the radiant quintet of reconciliation in its final act, Thomas Adès conjures up a wholly compelling musical world in The Tempest. Responding to librettist Meredith Oakes’ clear, unfussy refashioning of Shakespeare into formalised rhyme schemes, Adès has created a new kind of tonal language that is both direct and communicative but also indelibly contemporary.
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Radiohead for Solo Piano Josh Cohen 0571541054 Faber Music Ltd
a beautifully produced collection of some of Radiohead’s best-loved songs, arranged for intermediate to advanced piano solo (with lyrics) by YouTube pianist Josh Cohen. These exclusive transcriptions were made popular by Cohen’s YouTube channel and the book includes a playing guide and introduction from the arranger. This band-approved book features a specially designed cover and mono prints throughout from Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood.
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