The Rainbow collection piano Schirmer

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    Green 1:Cowboys and Indians (Seminole squaw, Indian Pow-Wow, Indian Pony Race, Indian alarm, Ridin' to the Rodeo, Big chief Thundercloud, Sleepy cowhand, Oh, Bury me not on the lone Prairie, Dude Ranch Saurday night, Bumpy Boogie Saddle)
    Green 2:Cats and Dogs (running with Rover, Little Black puppy,Kitten on a ball, Feeding the cat, The cat and the mouse, Dancing dogs, Cat on the window sill)
    Green 3: Those amazing animals (Rabbit in a carrot pach, Baby duck on a pond, The syncopated cat, Prancing ponies
    My waltzing mouse, My koala bear, Mary lost her little lamb, The bird's rehearsal, Fluffy the puppy)
    Green 4: Oriental Moods (love song from Two chinese sketches, Japanese fan, Dancing Japanese marionettes, Chinese festival, Oriental pavilions, On the streets of Hong-Kong, Balinese dance)
    Green 5: American pop (2 Scott Joplin Rags (The entertainer, Mapple leaf rag), Ginger snaps, Swing plelude n°1 and 2, Swing it slow, Swincopation, Dixie land boogie, Comin' from the jazz session, Down and Up, Manhattan mood, Jazz Holiday
    Boogie man)
    Green :6 Shades of Blue (Evening in blue, Blue Danube, Blue impressions,Blue Nocturne, the blue teacup, Indigo from Color wheel, Blue from color wheel, Blue star from 12 jazz preludes, Rhythm and blues from 12 jazz preludes)
    Green 7: World Travels (spnaish gypsy dance, holiday in spain, Danny from dublin, scotch sticks, holiday in Paris, Tales from the Vienna woods, Balinese dance)
    Green 8: South of the Border (tango, south of the border boogie, havana, Cucaracha boogie, braziliana, Agua caliente, Carmencita, Tango moderne)
    Green 9: Dances Old and new two merry dances, fantasy waltzes, Ghost dance, Trepak, Swing it slow, Valse Intermezzo, Tarantella Giocoso)
    Green 10: American scenes (Manhattan shuffle, Plantation sunday, Autumn in the smokies, Tumbling rapids, Across the desert, Jogging along the trail, surf riders)
    Green 11: People (Sandra (novelette), Old Macdonald had a car, Oh! Susanna, Sheherazade-theme, Scaramouch, Memories of copin)
    Brown 1 and 2: Early Elementary
    Red 1: Middle Elementary
    Red 2 and 3: Late Elementary
    Blue 1 and 2: Early Elementary
    Yellow 1 and 2: Middle Intermediate
    Yellow 3 : Late intermediate
    Orange 1: Sonatinas
    Orange 2: Sonatas, sonatinas
    Purple 1 and 2 Late Intemediate