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    The new PWM Edition series presents the selected works of Polish 20th century composers intended for solo instruments. The first two collections are for oboe and cello. The next, which will appear in 2000, will include works for violin, for flute and for melodic percussion instruments. Each of the anthologies contains mostly works which have not been published yet, composed in recent years. They also provide information about the composers and their output in bilingual version: Polish-English. OBOE Works, one of which has already been published by PWM Edition and the remaining ones, composed in the latter half of the nineties, are printed for the first time: Monochromy by Włodzimierz Kotoński Serpentine by Krystyna Moszumańska-Nazar Choralvorspiele by Edward Sielicki Sonatina by Wojciech Widłak Zakopane Suite (for reed mouthpiece) by Witold Szalonek These compositions form a survey of different styles and techniques, ranging from the work Choralvorspiele inspired by the music of J.S. Bach, the classicizing Sonatina to the Suite, which departs from the convention both in its tonal and its formal layers. The anthology is, at the same time, a study of contemporary musical notation for a given instrument and, owing to its varied degree of difficulty, it may also serve didactic purposes. Beside works, which are not very complicated, we find virtuosic ones, such as Serpentine or Monochromy, using - in the highest degree - the diversified technical and expressive potentialities of the instrument as well as those referring to tone colour.

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