Fantasy; HL50488900 Harp Schirmer
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Music For The Harp; HL50488645 Marcel Grandjany Harp Schirmer
This book is a thoughtful collection of transcriptions by Marcel Grandjany for intermediate/advanced (Grade 6-8) harpists. Fingerings are included, as well as an explanation of musical signs at the beginning of the book. Music For The Harp includes transcriptions of 7 Baroque masterpieces – Aria (Kirchhoff), Pavana Et Bransles (Francisque), Prelude (Handel), Riguadon (Kirchhoff), Sarabande (Handel), The King’s Hunt (Bull), Toccata (Handel).

Marcel Grandjany was a French-born American harpist and composer. At seventeen he made his debut with the Concerts Lamoureux Orchestra, and gave his first solo recital, winning immediate acclaim. He appeared with Maurice Ravel in Paris in 1913. His London debut was in 1922 and his New York debut in 1924. In the second half of the 20th century he was mainly involved with the founding of the American Harp Society.
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Solos for the Harp Player; HL50330750 Harp Schirmer
Arabesque No. 1 £ Berceuse £ Chaconne £ Five Preludes £ Fuga £ Gavotte £ Giga £ Italian Pavane £ Le Tambourin £ Looking Glass River £ Pavane £ Rigaudon £ Sarabande £ Siciliano £ Two Chinese Folk Songs £ Zarabanda.
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Modern Study of the Harp; L'Etude Moderne de la Harpe HL50327820 Carlos Salzedo
Cinq études poétiques pour harpe seule
1. Sur des gammes (flight)
2. Sur des arpèges (mirage)
3. Sur des notes d'agrément et des trilles (inquiétude)
4. Sur des doubles-notes et sur des phrases mélodiques en sons naturels et harmoniques (idyllic poem)
5. Sur des accords (communion)
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Lullaby For Alexandra ST833 Yasha Datshkovsky Harp Southern Music Company
Cancion de cuna de Alejandra
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