Quintet No. 18 in C major for double bass, Dragonetti, Domenico / John Feeney Grancino Editions EDB1 Db, Vl, 2Va, Vc
violin, two violas and basso (cello) The instrumentation of this quintet, which calls for a solo double bass, one violin, two violas, and a second accompanimental basso line, provides a warm and expansive palette with which Dragonetti has painted his musical scenes. The opening Andante has a pastoral character, gracious and inviting, and serves as an introduction to the extended second movement (Allegro non troppo), which is cast in a rondo form. Various activities are sketched in a stream of consciousness – horn calls, village scenes, etc. – and as the movement progresses the listener is treated to a variety of swiftly changing moods, creating a very dramatic, even operatic, atmosphere.
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