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Les femmes compositrices de musique

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Solo For 3 (Heft 5) Klavier -Russian Dance For Six Hands- - Kalendareva Lidia / Oprea Alin Cristian - Piano (6 Mains)
24,60 € 24,60 € 24.6 EUR
The multiple international award winning composers Lidia Kalendareva (born 1982) and Alin Cristian Oprea (born 1986) solidified their creative collaboration by founding L.A. Music in 2013 – a project dedicated to the creation of compositions and arrangements for films and other media.

Their friendship and cooperative relationship with the pianist Anne Salié and the piano trio “Some Handsome Hands“ has resulted in the work “Russian Dance for Six Hands“ which is predominantly inspired by ballets based on Russian fairy tales. At times one can hear references to Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition“ or find elements in the score that could be associated with Stravinsky’s “Petrushka.“ The work receives a personal touch and a special freshness through the use of numorous effects, alienating sounds as wells elements of contemporary music and harmonies borrowed from jazz.

The virtuosic and sophisticated work for piano is unfailingly made up of many layers which oppose and build upon each other in structure, each containing its own distinct content so that one is always listening to different types of music simultaneously.
Cadenza Pw9351 Hanna Kulenty Pwm
30,90 € 30,90 € 30.900000000000002 EUR
String Quartet No. 2 PW9477 Grażyna Bacewicz PWM
32,90 € 32,90 € 32.9 EUR
The unfavourable opinion about the composition being a failure, which has become established in musical circles, is highly unfair and prejudiced. The artist never withdrew the work from the catalogue of her compositions and the almost complete absence of the Quartet in concert repertories is mainly due to the fact that Bacewicz's further pieces of the same genre have gained much greater popularity (...). [M. Gąsiorowska, op. cit.]
Apocalypsis Bernadetta Matuszczak soprano, baritone, reciting voices, chorus and orchestra Pwm PW8551
33,00 € 33,00 € 33.0 EUR
Apocalypsis according to St. John (1976–77)