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Les femmes compositrices de musique

       Premier dictionnaire moderne

       171 femmes recensées  en 1909

             environ 900 aujourd'hui


Scherzo PW9935 Grażyna Bacewicz Piano PWM
5,10 € 5,10 € 5.1000000000000005 EUR
String Quartet No. 7 PW10060 Grażyna Bacewicz PWM
18,90 € 18,90 € 18.900000000000002 EUR
Concert Krakowiak PW10141 Grażyna Bacewicz Piano PWM
9,50 € 9,50 € 9.5 EUR
This piece, dedicated to Stanisław Szpinalski, Paderewski's pupil and a well-known performer of his Fantastic Krakowiak, involuntarily brings to mind the work of the great master, but it has little in common with it; the compositions belong to two different epochs. In Bacewicz's output the piano has a specific sharpness of the tone emphasised by the use of extreme registers. Harmonies have a characteristic roughness and pungency, arising from various combinations of intervals of seconds, fourths and fifths. The lively musical narrative, both light and mercurial, is evolved, in this case, from motifs of popular krakowiak melodies, which the composer subjects to all kinds of motivic, harmonic and rhythmic transformations - sometimes deceptive or even grotesque (the change of major/minor modes), as if poking fun at the listener. Bacewicz's Krakowiak strikes one with the freshness of its original creative invention, full of ideas and with its effective, ''concert'' bravura in the full sense of the word.
Easy Duets on Folk Themes PW11466 Grażyna Bacewicz Two Violins PWM
13,00 € 13,00 € 13.0 EUR
A new edition of one of Bacewicz’s most popular works for children. The texture of these didactic pieces is fairly simple, but they are not devoid of ‘modernist harmonic techniques’ aimed at introducing young musicians, amateur musicians as well as listeners to contemporary music.
Krakowiak No.1
Krakowiak No.2
Grotesque March
55,00 € 55,00 € 55.0 EUR