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Musica Di Ottoni SZ06247 Petrassi 4 Cors/4 Trompettes/3 Trombones/1 Tuba/T Zerbo
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Musica Di Ottoni SZ06248 Petrassi Parties 4 Cors/4 Trompettes/3 Trombones/1 Tuba/T Zerboni
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Musica Notturna Manzoni 5 fiati pianoforte percussione Zerboni sz6562
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Opening Of The Mouth UM10312 Barrett RichardSoprano-Mezzo Soli Et Ensemble divers Ump
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"it's the most beautiful ugly sound in the world"
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The UK première performance – a wonderfully vivid account – was given by soprano Deborah Kayser and mezzo Ute Wassermann with Elision Ensemble, directed by Carl Rosman; it took place at Bates Mill during the 2009 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. A CD of the work by these performers is unfortunately no longer readily available outside Australia; however, somewhat expensive copies can be procured directly from the label, ABC Classics. Their website has the booklet available to download free in PDF format—i highly recommend doing this, as it contains the entire sung text with translations, plus explanatory texts, diagrams of the work’s structure and images of the accompanying art installation by Richard Crow, which at the first performance in Australia was an integral part of the work.

Opening of the Mouth (1992-97) 80’
soprano, mezzo soprano, ensemble (11 players) with amplification, live electronics, tapes
Texts by Paul Celan
commissioned by the Festival of Perth
fp 3 March 1997, Perth; ELISION, cond. Simon Hewett, with installation by Richard Crow
consisting of the following overlapping/intercut sections:
1. Landschaft mit Urnenwesen
2. Engführung (I) - incorporates abglanzbeladen/auseinandergeschrieben and CHARON
3. Largo
4. Schneebett
5. Zungenentwürzeln
6. Tenebrae
7. Engführung (II) - incorporates knospend-gespaltener, air, von hinter dem Schmerz

Opera omnia PW8632 Adam Jarzębski Pwm
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The present issue contains all compositions of Adam Jarzębski's: ''Canzoni e concerti'' manuscript, bass voice of ''Missa sub concerto'' and enigmatic canon ''More veterum''.
Ottetto per strumenti a fiato Fellegara Zerboni sz5191
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