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Rondo Brillant Op. 29 Mendelssohn Bartholdy Felix 2 Pianos & orchestre Schirmer HL50258150
17,81 € 17,81 € 17.81 EUR
Fanfare TP132 Blatter Alfred 12 trumpets Brass Press
28,90 € 28,90 € 28.900000000000002 EUR
Prelude AL29414 Messiaen Orgue Leduc
19,00 € 19,00 € 19.0 EUR
Groove Trumpet Für Trompete (2018) -Play Along With The Brass Band Marshall Cooper-
28,00 € 28,00 € 28.0 EUR
Hilleke Manuel: Bourbon Street Parade
Hilleke Manuel: Creole Blues
Hilleke Manuel: Last Ride
Hilleke Manuel: Happy Hour King
Hilleke Manuel: Cooper's Boogaloo
Hilleke Manuel: Weeping Willow Waltz
Hilleke Manuel: A Shot for Bob
Hilleke Manuel: The Old Mariachi
Greek Traditional: Misirlou
Hilleke Manuel: Reggae for Judy
Hill Mildred J. und Hill Patty: Happy Birthday to You
Toll in Moll piano Breitkopf und Härtel BRK8600
21,00 € 21,00 € 21.0 EUR
Finer in Minor
24 Original Pieces for Piano edited by Elisabeth Haas, Martina Schneider, Karin Strebl, Rosemarie Trzeja and Veronika Weinhandl Illustration: Martina Schneider [pno]

The editors of the “Keyboard Crocodile” have delved into music history's treasure chest of piano literature and come up with some gems in the “minor” mode that offer “major” enjoyment.
MP3 audiofiles, performed by Aki Sakae, are to be found in the download section or on YouTube.