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Basalt UM10221 Barrett Richard Trombone Seul Fac-Simile A3 Ump
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basalt (1990-91) 8’
solo trombone
fp 10 November 1995, Rome; Barrie Webb
Jacques-François Gallay Les Echos / 3 Petites Fantaisies
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Collection L'ensemble de Cors de Versailles Dirigée Par Daniel Bourgue
Three Paganini Caprices Pw10946 Karol Szymanowski Op. 40 Violin And Piano From ''Karol Szymanowski - Works'' Ed. By T.Chylińska B9 Prepared By B.Konarskafrom
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Three Paganini Caprices op. 40 were written in the winter and spring of 1918 in Elisavetgrad, at the time of the centenary of the publication of these compositions by the Italian virtuoso in Milan. The Paganini cycle had inspired many composers; one need only mention the bravura piano works by Liszt, Brahms and – closer to our times – Lutosławski. Szymanowski’s aspirations were more modest: he needed a repertoire for the concerts he gave with the violinists who were his friends. Thus he wrote a free paraphrase of three caprices: No. 20 in D minor, No. 21 in A minor, and the most famous one in the cycle, the theme with variations No. 24 in A minor. The presence of the piano provided Paganini’s works with harmonisation, which obviously changed the character of the music. This is most clearly perceptible in Caprice No. 1 which was transformed into a romantic miniature. The first two works are dedicated to Paweł Kochański, the third to Józef Ozimiński. The Caprices were first performed by Wiktor Goldfeld, together with the composer, on 25 April 1918 in Elisavetgrad.
Concerto 2, Strauss
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Third Book Pw8421 Andrzej Krzanowski Concert Accordion (With A Bass Melodic M Pw
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Table of contents:

Krzanowski Andrzej

Krzanowski Andrzej
Four Bagatelles

Krzanowski Andrzej

Krzanowski Andrzej

Krzanowski Andrzej
Nocturne and Scherzo

Krzanowski Andrzej

Krzanowski Andrzej
Sonata di concerto

Krzanowski Andrzej

Krzanowski Andrzej

Krzanowski Andrzej

Krzanowski Andrzej
Three Meditations
Groove Trumpet Für Trompete (2018) -Play Along With The Brass Band Marshall Cooper-
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Hilleke Manuel: Bourbon Street Parade
Hilleke Manuel: Creole Blues
Hilleke Manuel: Last Ride
Hilleke Manuel: Happy Hour King
Hilleke Manuel: Cooper's Boogaloo
Hilleke Manuel: Weeping Willow Waltz
Hilleke Manuel: A Shot for Bob
Hilleke Manuel: The Old Mariachi
Greek Traditional: Misirlou
Hilleke Manuel: Reggae for Judy
Hill Mildred J. und Hill Patty: Happy Birthday to You
Fanfare TP132 Blatter Alfred 12 trumpets Brass Press
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Amoroseaux Vol. 1- 7 pièces faciles Guy Laroche Hautbois piano Editions Robert Martin RM3897
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NAULAIS - souviens toi
BASTEAU JEAN-FRANÇOIS - Ballade irlandaise
- Douceur océane
PROUST PASCAL - Jardin d'automne
MULLER THIERRY - Samedi libéré