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Canzona Seconda Sz07963 Frescobaldi 2 Luths Zerboni
21,80 € 21,80 € 21.8 EUR
Bach Notebook Pem67 Johann Sebastian Bach Pan Educational Music
7,30 € 7,30 € 7.3 EUR
Aria from the Coffee Cantata
Bourée from the French Suite No. 5
Chorus from the Coffee Cantata
Courante from the French Suite No. 2
from the Suite No. 2 in B Minor Minuet
Sarabande from the French Suite No. 5
Slow Movement from the Violin Concerto in A Mino
Two Minuets from the Suite No. 1
Album (21 Favorite Pieces); Hl50252020 Johann Sebastian Bach Piano Schirmer
14,00 € 14,00 € 14.0 EUR
Contents: Aria in D (4th Partita) • Aria in F (Pentecost Cantata) • Bourree in A Minor (2nd English Suite) • Bourree in G (3rd Cello Suite) • Bourree in D (Trumpet Suite) • Bourree in G Minor (2nd Violin Sonata) • Gavotte in G (5th French Suite) • Gavotte in D Minor (6th English Suite) • Gavotte in D (6th Cello Suite) • Gigue in B Flat (1st Partita) • Intrata in G Minor (5th Cello Suite) • Menuet in B Flat (1st Partita) • Menuet in B Minor (3rd French Suite) • Menuet in D (1st Cello Suite) • Passepied in E Minor (5th English Suite) • Praeludium in B Flat (1st Partita) • Preamble in E (6th Violin Sonata) • Rondo-Gavotte in E (6th Violin Sonata) • Sarabande in E Minor (5th English Suite) • Sarabande in D Minor (1st French Suite).
9 Sonate, Vivaldi Antonio
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