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Organ Works Volume VI on the Chorale HL50328840 Johann Sebastian Bach
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These “critico-practical” editions by Charles-Marie Widor and Dr. Albert Schweitzer have been a mainstay of organ literature since their publication in 1912. The eight volumes are indexed by the type of composition and offer extensive observations, based on historical evidence and traditional performance, on topics such as registration, ornamentation, and phrasing. A fundamental component of the organist's library.

Volume 6: 77 harmonizations and miscellaneous compositions on 50 well-known chorales. Also, table of Bach's most important ornaments, and specifications of the organs at his disposal.
Moravian Brass Duet Book Vol. 1 TP121 Anonymous 2 trumpets Brass Press
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Music in Baroque style for two natural trumpets or horns
The duets published here, which were played by the Salem Moravians, consists of chorales, marches, minuets, and polonaises. They were probably recreational and not church music. The Moravians brought many musical manuscripts and prints with them to the New World, including parts to symphonies of Haydn no longer to be found in Europe, and were later responsible for the first performances in America of Bach's B Minor Mass and Haydn's Creation.