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Guitare En Jeux Nelly Decamp
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Jouons De La Guitare Mf2468 Fabbri Guitare Carisch
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La Guitare Aux Doigts Robert Jazz
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La Guitare Flamenca,
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Rock Guitar Styles Mike Ihde Berklee Press B57
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Livre de cours (avec des notes et tablature guitare)
1ere édition originale 1981 108 pages + 2 vinyls souples noirs double face (14 & 11 Morceaux)

Mike Ihde, Peter Olson (2), Bob Harsen

Accompanying discs to the book "Rock Guitar Styles" by Mike Ihde, published by Berklee Press Publications in 1981.

Learn those beautiful hot licks and fingerpicking patterns of country music. You'll learn all about the various types of country music, from classic to current-from Western Swing to bluegrass and everywhere between. Get beyond the cowboy chords to more complex arrangements, signature opening licks, and solos that characterize today's country hits.

Online audio tracks illustrate these licks and concepts in context, and the book shows you exactly how to play them. You will learn how to play: Single and double-note lead style: Rhythm guitar styles: String bending, including single-, double-, and triple-note bends: Triadic pedal steel styles: Fingerpicking technique: Western swingstyle: Bluegrass lead and rhythm style: Sound effects, to make your guitar sound like a marimba, Theremin, banjo, and more!

Song titles are listed on the label of Record Two, Side B, but are not assigned a band number:
Bent Over Backwards
Slghtly Out
Funky Chicken Pickin
After Two Very Dry Martinos
Ma Première Guitare Électrique,
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Marley Bob Guitare
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