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Passage Studies Clarinette BH2300127
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Clarinet studies in the past have been predominantly concerned with technical problems only. This collection, however, marks a new departure by selecting from the works of the great masters, passages which lend themselves to the treatment of particular technical problems, but they also introduce musical values which are entirely lacking in literature devoted to the study of the instrument. These studies are based on music not originally written for the instrument, and have been freely adapted without impairing their proper musical significance. Besides treating particular problems, these studies include many styles from Bach to the present day, with which every ambitious musician should be thoroughly acquainted.
Pièces Classiques - Vol. 4 : Moyenne Difficulté Gb6040 Frédéric Lainé Alto Billaudot
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HAENDEL - Air avec variations (extr. suite hg/ii/7 pour clavecin)
VIVALDI - Allegro (extr. concerto op. 3 n° 3)
VIVALDI - Allegro (extr. concerto op. 3 n° 9)
HAENDEL - Allegro (extr. sonate op. 1 n° 12)
BACH CARL PHILIPP EMANUEL - Cantabile (extr. sonate h 245)
DVORAK - Humoresque op. 101 n° 7
HAENDEL - Larghetto (extr. concerto grosso op. 6 n° 4)
BEETHOVEN - Tempo di menuetto (extr. sonate op. 49 n° 2)
Planete Fm Vol.2a - Répertoire Et Théorie 27007
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- Bébé s'endort (berceuse) (sur un thème populaire)
- Chanson de la bergère (pastorale) (sur un thème populaire)
- Confidence à petite mère (sur un thème populaire)
- Danse des marionnettes
- Douce rêverie
- En promenade (marche)
- Il était une fois (historiette sans paroles)
- Le voyage en suisse (thèmes populaires)
- Pavane des fées
- Ronde joyeuse
- Sérénade des petits lutins
- Valse mignonne
Soixante Etudes Pour Cor Al23275
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Viola Joseph - The Technique Of The Saxophone Volume 2 Hl50449830
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This follow-up edition presents a continuation and expansion of the techniques presented in Scale Studies, with a special emphasis on chordal concepts. It includes innovative exercises and solos that will help sax players learn melody, harmony, rhythm and improvisation techniques.