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Studies By Bach Jean Sebastian Flute Pan Educational Music Pem15
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Studies with specific technical challenges based on music of the highest quality from movements of the Partitas and "Well Tempered Clavier", arranged by an experienced flute player and teacher.

Study No.1 in Bb major
Study No.10 in Eb major
Study No.11 in F major
Study No.2 in F minor
Study No.3 in C minor
Study No.4 in G major
Study No.6 in B minor
Study No.6 in D minor
Study No.7 in B major
Study No.8 in Bb minor
Study No.9 in Eb minor
Five Pieces Flute Duet Neil Saunders PEM39 Pan Educational Music
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Fine counterpoint, modern but approachable.

Air 1
Air 11
Quasi perpetuo
Concorde 001 P4548 Fiche Trompette
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Valeriane C05063 Mériot Flute combre
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Allegretto Grazioso & Allegretto Scherzando (The French Flute Encores series)PEM50 Pan Educational Music
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The French Flute Encores series
A series of short recital pieces for flute and piano associated with the flautist Paul Taffanel, founder of the modern school of flute playing. The series is compiled and edited by Edward Blakeman.

French Flute Encores series - Book 1. Two charming fin-de siecle pieces.

(This book is French Flute Encores Book 1)
Allegretto Grazioso
Allegretto Scherzando
Floh-Walzer Für Klavier Sik0436 Sikorski
10,30 € 10,30 € 10.3 EUR