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Grand Trio PW10026 Franciszek Lessel Op. 4 Piano, Clarinet and Horn PWM
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We are restoring to Polish music a youthful work by Franciszek Lessel ''Grand Trio'' pour le Piano Forte avec Clarinette et Cor Composé et dedié a mon Pere par Francois Lessel. Oeuvre IV - published in Vienna c. 1806 by Joseph Eder (publication number 329) - not mentioned in present-day bibliographies of his works, even among lost opus numbers. Lessel was Joseph Haydn's pupil at that time and it is very evident in the score of the work. The fate of the extant, unique copy is not known. The name Golejewski, written in black ink on the title page, may suggest that the print might have been the property of the 19th century Polish composer, bearing this name, who wrote, among other pieces, ''Trois nocturnes'' pour la Clarinette avec accomp. de piano, op. 4, published in Berlin, by Schlesinger (c. 1862). In present times, the work was performed in the sixties during a concert of the chamber class of the Academy of Music in Warsaw, and reached my hands owing to the kindness of one of its then performers, the clarinettist Czesław Pałkowski. [Adam Mrygoń]
Duo-Schatzkiste -Originalwerke Von Der Renaissance Bis Zur Moderne- Ed 21383 Hegel Guitare Schott
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Œuvres originales de la Renaissance à l'époque moderne / Duo-Schatzkiste
Fantasy-Duo (1988); Hl50481281 John Harbison Violon Et Piano Schirmer
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Composed in 1988 on commission from the McKim Fund at the Library of Congress. Fantasy-Duo was written for David Abel and Julie Steinberg, who premiered the piece at the Library of Congress on December 2, 1988. Duration: ca. 14 minutes.
Quartetto da ingresso PW8689 Marek Stachowski String Quartet PWM
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fac-similé partiel de cette oeuvre sur demande

Marek Stachowski
1936, Piekary Sląskie – 2004, Kraków

Marek Stachowski was born in Piekary Sląskie in 1936. He studied with Krzysztof Penderecki at the State Higher School of Music in Kraków. He also received a degree music theory. Stachowski died in Kraków on 3 December, 2004.Marek Stachowski was the winner of many competitions for composers, including the International “Gaudeamus” Foundation competition (1968), A. Malawski Competition in Skopje (1969), and the K. Szymanowski Competition (1st prize, 1974). His pieces Neusis II, Divertimento, and String Quartet No. 2 were honoured at the International Rostrum of Composers in Paris (1974, 1979, 1990). In 1976 Marek Stachowski received a Music Award of the City of Monchengladbach, in 1979 Prize of City of Cracow, in 1981 2nd degree Minister of Culture and Art Prize, in 1989 Minister of Culture and Art Prize, and in 1989 for a musical work for children. In 1999 he won the Alfred Jurzykowski Foundation prize in New York. In 1996 he was awarded a special prize by the Cracow voivodship. Apart from composing, he taught at the Cracow Academy of Music (and since 1979, at the Jagellonian University). In 1975 he lectured in composing at Yale University, and in 1978 at the summer courses in Durham. During the 1979 and 1984 Gaudeamus Music Week he conducted seminars in Amsterdam; in 1987 he taught courses for composers at the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. In 1994 he gave a cycle of lectures at South Korean universities. He served on the juries of many international competitions for composers and performers. In 1993 he was appointed rector of the Cracow Academy of Music.

List of Works
Chamber Music
String Quartet No. 1 – 1963
Musica per Quartetto d’Archi – 1965 (PWM 1970)
Audition, for flute, cello and piano – 1970 (PWM 1970)
String Quartet no. 2 – 1972 (PWM 1974)
Quartetto da Ingresso – 1980 (PWM 1980)
Pezzo Grazioso, for wind quintet – 1982 (PWM 1982)
String Quartet No. 3 – 1988 (PWM 1988)
Chamber Concerto – 1989 (PWM 1989)
Musica Festeggiante per Quartetto D’archi – 1995 (PWM 1995)

Orchestral Music
Musica con Una Battuta Del Tam-Tam– 1966
Irisation – 1970
Musique Solennelle – 1973 (PWM 1974)
Poeme Sonore – 1975 (PWM 1979)
Divertimento, for chamber string orchestra – 1978 (PWM 1979)
Choreia – 1980 (PWM 1981)
Capriccio per Orchestra – 1983
From the Book of Night – 1990 (PWM 1990)
Sonata per Archi – 1991 (PWM 1991)
Sinfonietta per Archi – 1998
Concerto per Viola e Orchestra D’archi – 1998

Music for Piano
Odysseus amidst the White Keys – 1979 (PWM 1981)
Cinq petites Valses, for piano – 1997 (PWM 1998)

Vocal -Instrumental Music
Neusis II, for 2 vocal ensembles, percussion, cellos an double basses – 1968 (UE 1974)
Thakurian Chants, for mixed choir and orchestra – 1974
Birds, for piano and instruments – 1976 (PWM 1978)
Symphony of Songs Sanctified by Nostalgia, for soprano, mixed choir and orchestra – 1981
Amoretti, for voice, lute and viola da gamba – 1982 (PWM 1983)
Madrigali dell’estate, for Voice and string trio – 1984 (PWN 1986)
Sapphic Odes, for mezzo-soprano and large sympfony orchestra – 1985
Lubilate Deo – 1987

Stage Works
The Bravest Knight, childrens’ opera in 3 acts for soprano, tenor, 2 baritones, bass, mixed choir and orchestra – 1993
Magic Chimes, music fair tale for children (ballet) – 1990