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Quartetto SZ05405 Petrassi Quatuor A Cordes/Parties Zerboni
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Quartet for a House-Warming PW8624 Zbigniew Bujarski PWM
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Quartet for Autumn PW10181 Zbigniew Bujarski PWM
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Zbigniew Bujarski

Quartet for Autumn

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Cat. no. 10181
ISBN ISSN: 83-224-0795-5
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''Quartet for Autumn'' is the fourth and so far the last of my string quartets. I hope it is not the last. I have a ''Quartet for Christmas'' planned. Probably, after writing a large symphonic work, there will be time - as it has usually happened with me - to return to a more intimate, ''private'' work, achievable in music for a small ensemble. The genre of string quartet is akin to a private letter a composer writes to a specific addressee, perceiving the quartet music of other composers in a similar way - as a private correspondence between individual persons. I find the very personal character of such music as well as the high requirements that the string quartet technique imposes on the composer highly congenial, and as long as I live, I will be faithful to it. [Zbigniew Bujarski]