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Quartet for a House-Warming PW8624 Zbigniew Bujarski PWM
30,90 € 30,90 € 30.900000000000002 EUR
Schleptet In E-Flat Major Schickele Peter flute oboe basson horn violon alto violoncelle Théodore Presser 114-40581
30,90 € 30,90 € 30.900000000000002 EUR
Molto larghissimo; allegro boffo
Menuetto con brio ma senza trio
Adagio saccharino
Yehudi menuetto
Presto hey nonny nonnio
String Quartet No. 2 PW9477 Grażyna Bacewicz PWM
32,90 € 32,90 € 32.9 EUR
The unfavourable opinion about the composition being a failure, which has become established in musical circles, is highly unfair and prejudiced. The artist never withdrew the work from the catalogue of her compositions and the almost complete absence of the Quartet in concert repertories is mainly due to the fact that Bacewicz's further pieces of the same genre have gained much greater popularity (...). [M. Gąsiorowska, op. cit.]