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Nofim Sights GSP27464SET Avner Dorman Ensemble (Soprano solo. Flûte traversière Schirmer
57,00 € 57,00 € 57.0 EUR
For Soprano, Flute, Violin, Percussion and Piano.
Nofim (Sights) is a group of four movements for Soprano and Ensemble with Hebrew lyrics by Yuval Rapaport, including O, the Heart Shrinks; I was Waiting for the Sun; and Funeral.
Boaz Set Of 4 Playing Scores (Score & Parts) GSP27418SET Avner Dorman Harpe. Piano (2). Soprano solo Schirmer
92,00 € 92,00 € 92.0 EUR
For Soprano, Harp and two Pianos.
Boaz won the 2002 Israel Culture Ministry Prize. Its five movements' texts are by Tirtza Dorman: Kvarim Ktanim (Small Graves), Al Pi Hakever (On the Edge of the Grave), Zeakat Hatinok Shelcha (The Scream of your Baby ), Hayeladim Hem Prakhim (The Children are Flowers ) and Kmo Velo (As if, but not ).