Dove Vai (film Quo Vadis) Rubik Piotr voix miano Pwm - Polskie Wydawnictwo pwm10166
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The great movie from Jerzy Kawalerowicz based on a novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz ''Quo Vadis'' was one of the most important cultural events in Poland this year. Though the music was written by Jan A. P. Kaczmarek the leading song was composed by Piotr Rubik and sang by Małgorzata Walewska.
Favourite Folk Tunes PEM10 duo de Violons Pan Educational Music
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Some of the best tunes skillfully and musically arranged by a well known player/composer.

Barbara Allen
Bobby Shaftoe
Charlie Is My Darling
Cherry Ripe
Early One Morning
Londonderry Air
Oh Rare Turpin
Oh Susannah
Russian Melody
The Animals Went In Two By Two
The Coventry Carol
The Irish Washerwoman
The Jolly Miller
The Ten Penny Bit
What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor
Yankee Doodle
Ye Banks and Ye Braes
Lullaby For Alexandra St833 Yasha Datshkovsky Harp Southern Music Company
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Cancion de cuna de Alejandra
1st Book Treble Recorder Fa505465
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Duet Time Volume 2 Pem42 Benoit Tranquille Berbiguier Gaetano Donizetti Franz
8,20 € 8,20 € 8.2 EUR
Solemn March
Aria from Lucia
Adagio from Symphony
Romance from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Andante from Symphony No 2
Duet from Rosamunde
Trio from Symphony No 2
Folk Song
Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill
The British Grenadiers
The Sailors' Hornpipe
Watch Out!
Flute Gymnastics Workbook 1 Pem7a Pan Educational Music
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The Flute Gymnastics Workbooks provide short technical exercises to develop the pupil's control of tone, breathing and fingers. They are meant to supplement the usual simple diet of scales, study and pieces. An approachable way to achieve a broader technique.
Fantasy; Hl50488900 Harp Schirmer
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Childrens Suite PW5888 Grażyna Bacewicz Piano PWM
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Bacewicz Grażyna

Bacewicz Grażyna

Bacewicz Grażyna

Bacewicz Grażyna

Bacewicz Grażyna

Bacewicz Grażyna

Bacewicz Grażyna
Children's Suite

Bacewicz Grażyna